Complete information about medical equipment

Maybe you have heard the name of medical equipment many times or visited one of the medical equipment stores at least once to get medical equipment, but you are not familiar with the meaning of this word. Follow this article to familiarize you with the concept of medical equipment and everything related to this field. You can also visit Medica Germany exhibition for more information.

What is medical equipment?

The word medical equipment has many meanings in different countries of the world. But in general, this equipment refers to any tools, devices and equipment that are used in medical science to diagnose, prevent and treat many diseases. In fact, each of these devices and equipment and tools are made by the manufacturers of this field with a specific purpose and are offered to the market. All these devices are made with the purpose of human health. The devices and tools that fall under the category of medical equipment are many and varied. The purpose of making all kinds of medical devices and equipment’s are classified in at least one of the following groups.

  • Equipment that is made to diagnose, prevent and treat a specific disease.
  • Equipment designed to diagnose, prevent, and treat a disability or injury.
  • Devices that are made to modify and replace an anatomy.
  • Equipment that is built to last as a supporter.
  • Equipment for birth control.
  • Equipment that is made for sterilizing and disinfecting equipment as well as medical environments

Types of classification of medical equipment

The American Food and Drug Administration has divided each of the related medical devices into three classes according to the effect they have on the human body and health.

Class A or 1: The equipment in this class has the least risk and impact on humans and is very simply designed. General controls must be performed on these devices. General controls include the registration of the device manufacturing company in the US Food and Drug Administration, the registration of the manufactured device in the Food and Drug Administration, the manufacture of the device according to the law of good manufacturing conditions, and the labeling of the device. About 74% of production equipment such as bandages and medical gloves are included in this group.

Class B or 2: Items that are included in this group, in addition to the general controls that are performed on them, a series of special controls must also be performed on them. Hot water bag and some wavy mattresses are included in this group.

Class C or 3: Items that are very sensitive and the patient’s life depends on it are placed in this group. This group is very effective in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases. In addition to general controls, a variety of tests are used for this type of equipment. Devices such as sphygmomanometer, heart rate monitor and very advanced medical equipment are included in this group.

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