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Leaflet ESR-Smart Rate Series

Available for one by one test at any position.

Compact & Stylish

Smart Rate 10: 2.6kg

Smart Rate 20: 2.7kg

Smart Rate 40: 3.0kg

Rapid measurement Quick mode: 30 min

value and 1hr value – 15 min

working time 2 hr

value – 45 min working time Low biological risk Our tube is vacuum tube with a sterilization.

No need to transfer samples and low risk for infection.

Leaflet EX-Ca

Features of EX-CA electrolyte analyzer - Measuring parameters: sodium, potassium, calcium and pH - Measurement sample: hemodialysis solution A (acidic concentrates), solution B (bicarbonate), balanced solution A+B / whole blood, plasma, serum - Measuring speed: 60 samples per hour - The electrode block features a temperature control function to ensure a highly accurate 2x positive calcium result with corrected pH.

Leaflet EX-D

Ability to measure sodium, potassium and chlorine ions (-Cl, K+, Na+) Measurement of serum, blood, urine, hemodialysis samples, etc. Output 300 tests per hour Very high accuracy and measurement C.V =<0.5%) with very low current costs Ability to perform emergency tests (Stat) Calibration only once a day