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Changing the testing paradigm

Allergy diagnostics and the identification of a sensitization to allergens is an interdisciplinary challenge that incorporates knowledge gained through medical science, biochemistry and biology. Long years of experience and work done with single test systems in allergology labs have shown that only a few key allergens are responsible for the patients’ disorders. And so, a question emerged: Why not collect all these key allergens and combine them on one test strip?

BacTrac 4300

BacTrac 4300 Microbiological Impedance Analyser

With 64 individual measurement positions and 2 different temperature zones per instrument BacTrac can deal with almost all tasks the microbiologist is familiar with from the classical agar plate.


Automated multi-functional biochemical analyzerBIOLIS 30i

Space-saving compact benchtop design With auomated pretreatment function for HbA1c.

Compact, Easy to use, and Enhanced function

We have been done R&D not only efficient clinical testing operation but also accuracy for 20 years. Our technology provides the value and contributes to the patients.

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Coatron X

“Complete range of Coagulation Analysis with the highest standard and reliability. The new generation of Coagulation instruments with optical detection are here.”

The Coatron X instrument line is a consequent continuation in the development of the Coatron product line. Over 25 years in experience and innovation is the reference for our new Coatron X instrumentation line.

DS2 ELISA Processing System


The DYNEX DS2® open system offers sophisticated ELISA automation to address your clinicians’ need for timely and accurate results while significantly increasing your laboratory productivity. The incredibly small footprint of the DS2 system allows for easy integration into a fast-paced laboratory.

DSX Automated System


The DYNEX DSX® system provides extraordinary flexibility in your ELISA workflow. Our automated open system handles various assays and volumes simultaneously, with the speed and accuracy your laboratory requires. Advanced automation features at every stage of the workflow provide the walk away productivity your lab demands.



Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Medica’s EasyRA® analyzer is a fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer that accommodates the diverse needs of small laboratories. Lab technicians become experts with minimal training thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface. Four color-coded icons guide the technician through all analyzer functions. EasyRA is quickly operational and ready to run samples. Friendly displays clearly signal the progress of a run and easily allow changes. Technicians can analyze stat samples in less than 8 minutes. Save valuable time by programming the next worklist while another worklist is running, or simply check reagent and cuvette inventories to prepare for the next run. The EasyRA clinical chemistry analyzer offers unprecedented access to all replaceable components. Its unique, slide-out drawer makes maintenance quick and easy. RFID technology eliminates the need to manually program reagents. When the smart reagent wedge is placed anywhere in the reagent area, EasyRA identifies location, number of samples remaining, sample volumes, and expiration dates. With 300 tests per hour (480 with integrated ISE), 24 sample positions, 24 reagents on board, and more, EasyRA is the easy choice for your laboratory’s clinical chemistry analysis needs.

Exigo H400 – Veterinary

The Exigo hematology analyzer system suits every type of veterinary practice. Its easy-to use, maintenance-free model delivers high-quality results in minutes.Twelve pre-installed animal profiles plus a unique micro-pipette adapter and built-in mixer are featured among many other benefits.Designed from the very outset for veterinary use only, Exigo systems combine a no-compromise approach to high-quality analytical results with full consideration for instrument users and the animals under their care – from farm animals to the smallest of family pets.

Leaflet ESR-Smart Rate Series

Available for one by one test at any position.

Compact & Stylish

Smart Rate 10: 2.6kg

Smart Rate 20: 2.7kg

Smart Rate 40: 3.0kg

Rapid measurement Quick mode: 30 min

value and 1hr value – 15 min

working time 2 hr

value – 45 min working time Low biological risk Our tube is vacuum tube with a sterilization.

No need to transfer samples and low risk for infection.

Leaflet EX-Ca

Features of EX-CA electrolyte analyzer - Measuring parameters: sodium, potassium, calcium and pH - Measurement sample: hemodialysis solution A (acidic concentrates), solution B (bicarbonate), balanced solution A+B / whole blood, plasma, serum - Measuring speed: 60 samples per hour - The electrode block features a temperature control function to ensure a highly accurate 2x positive calcium result with corrected pH.

Leaflet EX-D

Ability to measure sodium, potassium and chlorine ions (-Cl, K+, Na+) Measurement of serum, blood, urine, hemodialysis samples, etc. Output 300 tests per hour Very high accuracy and measurement C.V =<0.5%) with very low current costs Ability to perform emergency tests (Stat) Calibration only once a day


Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer SMALL SIZE BIG ENERGY i 800 Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer uses Magnetic Particle based Acridinium Ester direct chemiluminescence